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2021 Giving Circles

Abigail Eisley

Sara Lake *
In Memory of Mary Anne Lake

Norma Escobar *

Jessie Pettit, MD, IBCLC *

Sandra Shields
In Honor of Janiya Mitnaul Williams, IBCLC

Christy Porucznik *

Marin Skariah

 Kelly Valceanu *

Whitney Abbott

Joanne Burke-Vernon
In Honor of JoAnne W. Scott

Ann Calandro
In Honor of JoAnne W. Scott

The Kemp Family

Savannah Sparks
In Honor of Jean Smith

Yvonne Helland

Annabelle Mackenzie
In Honor of IBLCE

Chris Auer, RN, IBCLC

Millie Goins *
In Honor of Shaneda “Nykky” Ricks

Elizabeth Hilliard

2020 Giving Circles - Thank you for your contribution!

Sara Lake *
In Memory of Blair M. Lake

Norma Escobar *

Carole Hanson

Ruth Konoff
In Honor of Equity in Opportunity

Marin Skariah
In Honor of IBLCE

Valerie Vanderlip, IBCLC

Pam Weber 

Cheryl Dougherty
In Honor of World Peace

Carrie Harris

Rebecca N. Ruhlen

Annabelle Mackenzie
In Honor of IBLCE


2019 Giving Circles - Thank you for your contribution!

Anonymous *

Sara Lake *
In Honor of Millie Goins’ 
Leadership of MILCC

Norma Escobar *

Mona Sakr *

Christy Porucznik *

Cathy Carothers *

Aimee Eden *

Clifton Kenon *

Ruth Konoff and Ben Hermalin *

Rachelle Lessen *

Jessie Pettit *

Diane B. Procaccini, RN, MSN, IBCLC *

Marin Skariah *

Kelly Valceanu, DNP, CNM, IBCLC *

Karynna Valencia * 

Julie Wood * 


Denise Adams *

Dr. Sabeen Adil *

Kate Birchall *

Julie Brashear *

Breastfeeding Perspectives * 

Amy E.M. Bruehwiler *

Ger Baldwin Cahill, IBCLC *

Jodine Chase *

Ann R. Cunillera *

Stacy Davis *

Deborah Lang *

Gladys Marie Desselle *

Cynthia J. Eaton *

Sylvia Edwards *

Barbara Finderle * 

Susan Fuchs *

Ruth Katherine Gama *

Stephanie George *

Rebecca Goff, APRN, IBCLC*

Millie Goins *

Lesli Gould *

Michele Griswold *

Robin Harrell, RN, IBCLC, CHTP * 

Lyndsey Hookway *

Kay Hoover *

Roberto Issler *

Amy Jimenez *

Eleanor Johnson *

Andrea Judge *

Laene Keith *

Sara Kietzman *

Fiona Lang-Sharpe *

Eileen Barter LeNoir *

Angela Love-Zaranka *
In Honor of JoAnne W. Scott

Lowcountry Lactation Station *

Margot Mann *

Becky Mannel *

Gina Mannel *

Lucia Massey *

Nancy McAlduff *

Tova Ovitz *

Cecilia Parajon *

Milagro Raffo *

Regina Maria Roig-Romero *

Flossie Rollhauser *

Shannon Schrum *


Marlene Stamper *

Danielle Tropea, IBCLC *

Pam Weber *

Melanie Weiss *

Laurel Wilson *

Barbara Wilson-Clay * 

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