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2022 Giving Circles

Thank you to our charter donors, who helped us launch the Giving Circles Programme and are noted with an asterisk*!

Norma Escobar *

Sara Lake *
In Memory of Mary Anne Lake

Jessie M. Pettit *


Melissa Schiff, IBCLC

Kelly Valceanu *

Clifton Kenon


Anonymous (8)

Whitney Abbott

Mounir Benbatoul

Ann M. Calandro
In Honor of JoAnne W. Scott

Janet Dombro

 Jarene Fleming
In Memory of Midwife Claudia Booker

Brooke Gilliam

Jefferson Glassie, FASAE

Millie Goins *
In Honor of Cathy Carothers and Brooke Gilliam

Rachelle Lessen *

Jonelle Lund, BSN, RN, IBCLC


Annabelle Mackenzie
In honour of IBLCE

Bayyinah Muhammad, BSN, RN, IBCLC

 Christy Porucznik *

Mona Sakr

Emily Walden, CNM, IBCLC


Anonymous (8)

Woo Gi Han



Shereen Mahmoud

Meghan McMillin MS, RD, IBCLC


Kathy Parry
In Honor of Miriam Labbok

Marin Skariah
In Honor of IBCLC

Alexis Taylor

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