Application Period Status: Closed

Please note that the IBCLC certification requirements are separate from the MILCC Scholarship program and are to be met at the time of application to the IBCLC examination or recertification.

Requirements for Applying for a MILCC Scholarship

You are eligible to apply for a MILCC Scholarship if:

  • You demonstrate financial need;
  • Will fully meet the requirements to sit for the IBLCE exam or;
  • Will fully meet the requirements to recertifiy by exam or;
  • Will meet the requirements for recertification by CERPs.

Priority is given to candidates who assist families with limited access to the services of an IBCLC. The number of applicants supported each year depends on the availability of funds.

Interested candidates must complete the MILCC Scholarship application in the year prior to the desired examination date. The MILCC Scholarship application is to be filled out online only. Applications sent by Fax or email will no longer be accepted.


  • A MILCC Scholarship application or award cannot be deferred to a future exam.
  • An unfunded applicant may choose to proceed with the exam application at her/his own expense, or wait and apply again at a later time.
  • Scholarship recipients may be requested to complete a survey about her/his lactation consultant practice for one (1) year following receipt of exam results. Application for a scholarship constitutes agreement to complete such a survey.

Links to MILCC Applications

These links will be activated during the application window: June 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023.

English Application

台語 (Chinese Traditional) Application

Hrvatski (Croatian) Application

Dansk (Danish) Application

Nederlands (Dutch) Application

Français (French) Application

Deutsch (German) Application

ελληνικά (Greek) Application

Magyar (Hungarian) Application

Italiano (Italian) Application

日本語 (Japanese) Application

한국어 (Korean Application)

Polski (Polish Application)

Português (Portuguese) Application

Slovenščina (Slovenian) Application

Español (Spanish) Application