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Monetary Investment for Lactation Consultant Certification (MILCC) is an international non-profit charitable organization that provides financial assistance to qualified candidates seeking International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®) certification and current IBCLCs seeking recertification. IBCLCs play a critical role in the lives and well-being of many new mothers and infants, and some need financial assistance to attain or keep their certification.

Please consider making a donation to MILCC. MILCC is funded from private contributions from people like you, and the sale of pins and fundraising. We offer logo pins and service bars as gifts, if you choose, and monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Your generosity can really make a difference for IBCLCs and the breastfeeding families who benefit from their care.

How Do I Donate?

Donate Online to the MILCC Scholarship Fund
Donate to MILCC

The MILCC Scholarship is available to IBLCE exam candidates who fully meet the exam eligibility criteria or IBCLCs who fully meet recertification requirements and need financial assistance to cover the fees. Please consider a donation to the MILCC Scholarship fund to support future and recertifying IBCLCs helping mothers and babies worldwide.

Donate Online to the JoAnne W. Scott Scholarship Fund
Donate to JWS

The JoAnne W. Scott Scholarship is available to one or more candidates with a "mother-to-mother" support background who fully meet the IBLCE exam eligibility criteria and need financial assistance to cover the fees. Depending on available funds, at least one candidate may receive a scholarship each year. Your generosity is needed to continue support of mother-to-mother support counselors in need of financial assistance. Donate to the JoAnne W. Scott Scholarship fund today!

Click here for more information about the JoAnne W. Scott Scholarship.

Donate by Mail

If you wish to make your donation via check or money order, please download the donation form, complete it and mail in with your gift.